Feb 6, 2010

EDITOR & LAYOUT DESIGNER - Look Good, Feel Good - 2009 Siobhan Pat Mulcahy

Home Made Face MasksA make-up & skin care book in aid of a cancer charity, giving step-by-step tips on how to look fabulous and feel confident while undergoing chemotherapy and other cancer treatments or while recovering from other serious illnesses. Includes homemade recipes for skin care and other fascinating beauty tips for women of all ages. Read how to make your own face packs here Twitter: @siobhanpatmul

 MEDIA CONSULTANT - Farmers' Calendar - 2009

Irish Farmers CalendarThe brainchild of Ciara Ryan, one of Ireland's newest and brightest entrepreneurs. The calendar shows Irish farmers getting their kit off or 100% IRISH BEEF as she likes to call it. A proportion of profits (2010) to B√≥thar and other Irish charities.
Click here to view the hunks in the latest calendar. Twitter: @siobhanpatmul

SUBEDITOR - Irish Daily Star - Summer 2008 - Siobhan Pat Mulcahy

A quote from Richard Keeble's The Newspaper Handbook comes to mind: "Tabloids ...use over sensational, cliche-ridden copy...they cater to the less well-off, the less well-educated, those who don't bother to vote but who like to complain about the establishment, those who thrive on reading gossip, those whose attention span is limited; those whose main interest is soccer or sport, and finally, those who don't have the time or inclination to read a broadsheet on any given day." I guess Mr Keeble is entitled to his opinion! If celebrity gossip and premiership soccer are your thing, you can read the British version of the Daily Star here Twitter: @siobhanpatmul

SUBEDITOR - Irish Independent Group - Summer 2007 - Siobhan Pat Mulcahy

Sunday Independent newspaper
Question: How many subeditors does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Answer: We can't tell whether you mean "insert a lightbulb" or "have sex inside a lightbulb. Can you reword it to remove ambiguity?"
Tony O'Reilly and son Gavin's strategy to "dumb down and celeb up" their range of newspapers in a quest to increase sales has worked in the case of the Sindo which is a curious but very popular mix of humour, gossip and top-notch opinion journalism. To read the Sunday Independent for free, click here Twitter: @siobhanpatmul

EDITOR & LAYOUT DESIGNER - Cecil Nash Autobiography - Summer 2005 by Siobhan Pat Mulcahy

Cecil Nash AutobiographyCecil Nash: A Life in the Roving Irish Theatre, (ISBN 0-9546896-1-5) 2005
Cecil Nash, travelling actor, wrote his autobiography aged in his late 80s. He put the 300 typed pages in a shoe box and these remained forgotten until several years after his death. Cecil's youngest son (and my best friend) Paul Nash, asked me if I could knock them into "something" and the above named book is the result. Read the first chapter of the book here.
"Cecil was one of the best comedy feeds in the business.. a wonderful old world artiste and a pleasure to work with."
Fred O'Donovan, theatre producer/ director
"A gentleman who loved the sound of adulation."
Tony Kenny, Irish actor/ singer
"Cecil was a charming fellow and a typical old thespian. He had several successful appearances on the Late Late Show."

Gay Byrne, retired RTE broadcaster, chairman RSA

MEDIA COLUMNIST & FREELANCE JOURNALIST - Limerick Leader - 2004 to 2005 by Siobhan Pat Mulcahy

Limerick Leader archives
Interviewed Limerick "luminaries" such as Vincent Browne, Willie O'Dea, members of the O'Malley political dynasty and other newsworthy Limerick folk including a nun working for women's equality in Afghanistan. My weekly media column analysed how "stab city" was being covered across the national media. Now rumoured to be in trouble because of the financial downturn ... here's hoping the Limerick Leader survives as it's the best provincial newspaper in Ireland.
Read my interview with Vincent Browne here.
Read my interview with Willie O'Dea (just prior to his promotion) here.
Read Christmas in Afghanistan here.
Read about Paula Radcliffe's Irish sport's guru here.
Read how Willie O'Dea lashes Sinn Fein here.
Or just read the Limerick Leader free online here.
Twitter: @siobhanpatmul

BOOK AUTHOR - Heroes & Villains - 2004 by Siobhan Pat Mulcahy

Heroes & VillainsA compilation of stories previously published in Ireland on Sunday in book format. Heroes & Villains: Forgotten Irish Stories (ISBN 0-954689-0-7)
"The Lola Montez story is worth the price alone," Tom Widger, Sunday Tribune
"A lovely new boudoir book,"
Eoghan Harris, Sunday Independent
"A very entertaining miscellany,"
Frank Hopkins, Evening Herald
"A great job of detective work,"
Limerick Leader
"A fascinating book," Munster Express
"Every Irish family has its back sheep, but Jack the Ripper is a whopper by anybody's standards," Down Democrat
Twitter: @siobhanpatmul

FREELANCE JOURNALIST - Ireland on Sunday - Summer 2003 - by Siobhan Pat Mulcahy

Was Jack the Ripper IrishA freelance stint writing historical features such as: Was Jack the Ripper Irish?; Lady Mary Heath, the Woman Who Fell to Earth, Ireland's Lost Tribe in the Caribbean and so on... See links to stories below.
Was Jack the Ripper Irish? here.
Boss Croker and the gangs of New York here.
And Lena Rice, Ireland's Forgotten Wimbledon Champion here.

BOOK CONTRIBUTOR - The Silver Lining - Summer 2003
The Silver LiningA beautiful limited edition (1,000 copies) hardback book, The Silver Lining celebrates the achievements of Irish aviation and those who worked and flew at Kildonan Air Field. Published in Ireland by the Finglas Heritage Project and edited by John Haughton who conceived the idea for the book. It is dedicated to the memory of Ireland's first (woman) pilot and Olympic athlete, Lady Mary Heath. Read my contribution "Lady Mary Heath: The Woman Who Fell To Earth" here.

RESEARCHER - Wolfhound Press Guide to Evening Classes - Summer 2002 by Siobhan Pat Mulcahy

Wolfhound Press
Up until 2002, Wolfhound's was the only Guide to Evening Classes and an annual bestseller in Ireland but (probably for that reason) it eventually found it had many imitators. Shortly after my summer research stint, Merlin Publishing bought Wolfhound Press whose owner gladly laughed all the way to the bank.
Twitter: @siopatmul

CREATOR & DESIGNER - Women in Irish History: Millennium Poster - 2000 by Siobhan Pat Mulcahy

Irish History Poster
A multi-image poster produced and distributed as a millennium celebration of women's contributions to Irish history and to the foundation of modern Ireland.
Maude Gonne - (pictured) Revolutionary & humanitarian
Mary Spring Rice and Mary Childers - Asgard gunrunners
Jennie Wyse Power - Revolutionary & Senator
Constance Markievicz - First Minister for Labour, Dail Eireann
Hanna Sheehy Skeffington - Suffragette leader & journalist
Louie Bennett & IWWU - Trade union leader
Cumman na mBan - Women's branch of the Irish Volunteers
Molly Gill - Militant member of Cumman na mBan
Kathleen Clarke - First woman Lord Mayor of Dublin
Mary Robinson - First woman President of Ireland
Mary McAleese - Second woman President of Ireland
Get your FREE Irish women's millennium (A3 size) printable poster here
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