Sep 10, 2016 - Read a short excerpt from the Amazon eBook - The Peculiar Sex Life of Adolf Hitler below by Siobhan Pat Mulcahy

BABY FROM HELL: Adolf Hitler aged 18 months
 ADOLF HITLER once told his valet that the whip was the perfect symbol of his character and he would occasionally lash himself in front of others when he was sexually frustrated or when he felt he was not getting the attention he deserved in a group setting. 
He had many gay partners during his lifetime, including his bodyguards and chauffeurs – Julius Schreck was the love of his homosexual life -- but his attempts at relationships with women always proved calamitous. 
The German dictator liked Catholic convent-educated school girls he tried to dominate and manipulate them. Though Eva Braun fit the profile of a woman he could completely control, and is well known to the public, there were many other women in his life over the years of which little was previously known. You can buy the Amazon eBook, The Peculiar Sex Life of Adolf Hitler, on Amazon's site here
The book analyses all the phases of Hitler’s sexual experiences including his total rejection of his father as a role model, his obsessive relationship with his mother, his long-term homosexual phase, and his final years as a “reluctant heterosexual.”
From the beginning of his political career, the Nazi propaganda machine and “Party fixers” had their hands full keeping what really went on in Hitler’s private life private -- the insanity and incestuous marriages within his family, his years as a vagrant in Vienna, his sexual orientation during WWI, his arrests for sodomy in Munich in the early 1920s and rumors he had sex with a minor in the late 1920s. 
There were more blackmail threats over the pornographic images he had drawn of his niece Geli Raubal and the sexually explicit letter he had written her. Also, after her death by suicide, rumors began to circulate that he had a perverted sexual relationship with her which involved both coprophilia [feces] and urophilia [urine]. Rumors also circulated that he had ordered her murder to keep her silent for good.
It is little wonder that when he became Fuhrer, his doctors said he had “a very poor sleeping pattern, suffered from terrifying nightmares and took sleeping potions to help get him through the night”.
If a man’s sexuality cannot tell you who he really is or was, then nothing else will.
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You can buy the Amazon eBook, The Peculiar Sex Life of Adolf Hitler, on Amazon's site here

Jun 17, 2016 - The bizarre life and grisly death of an Irish conwoman, JULIA HOLMES - June 2016 by Siobhan Pat Mulcahy

JULIA HOLMES, the three-times married but never divorced Irish grifter was wanted on both sides
Holmes with her third husband Tom Ruttle
of the Atlantic and spent many years on the run from the FBI, the PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland) and an Garda Siochana (Police in the Irish Republic).  She became a confidence trickster at a young age and began using up to 20 different aliases to help her ply her fraudulent trade.  In the early 1980s, she crossed the Canadian border into the USA and made her way down south to Texas. Once there, she and her new husband schmoozed with Republic Party officials including then Vice President, Dan Quayle while she ran a real estate racket selling non-existent land in Ireland and conned her Texan friends out of more than half a million dollars.
Holmes spent 27 months in a Texan prison before being deported back to Northern Ireland where she set herself up as a “sports guru” and psychologist and tried to befriend members of both the Irish and English national rugby teams.
When she was charged with defrauding a man in Northern Ireland out of £18,000 and involvement in a property scam worth one million pounds, she fled south to the Irish Republic. As soon as she settled in County Limerick, she established a new identity and found a new husband. In Limerick, even as the police net closed in around her, she made a fortune selling “fake honey” to gullible supermarkets and upmarket shop owners. Knowing that she would soon be captured, she went into hiding. She was last seen in Askeaton, Co. Limerick on March 14, 2015. One month later, her badly decomposing body was found by burglars attempting to rob the isolated farmhouse she shared with her third husband.  You can read her tragic story on here.

Apr 16, 2016

The Peculiar Sex Life of Adolf Hitler by Siobhán Pat Mulcahy - Amazon eBook, 498 pages, BUY HERE - €5.25

HITLER'S ABUSIVE childhood, his mother fixation, his inner sense of failure and depression, his poor health, his warped philosophy and sexual impotence, his drug addiction and Parkinson’s disease [from 1935], his predominant homosexual tendencies and his ‘perversions’ all affected his attempts to have romantic liaisons with the opposite sex. The fact that he had undersized genitals and only one testicle did not help his cause or his confidence when dealing with women,” (Siobhan Pat Mulcahy: 2015)  View Table of Contents...
His Munich chauffeur, Julius Schreck fulfilled Hitler's fantasies about the great love between a powerful man and his obedient servant. One of Hitler’s most treasured possessions was a love letter written by the homosexual Bavarian-King Ludwig to his coachman and lover for 20 years, Richard Hornig, for which he had paid a fortune when it came up for auction. 
…The other man in the Landsberg love triangle was Rudolf Hess (b.1894-d.1987) described politely by some scholars as “a somewhat neurotic member of the Nazi party”. Gay lawyer, Erich Ebermayer (Ebermayer Diary: 1959) said: “In view of all who have an intimate knowledge of the circumstances, Hess, known in Party circles as ‘Black Emma,’ was for many years the Fuhrer’s partner, especially during their joint detention in Landsberg.” Ebermayer pointed out that after his release from prison in 1925, Hess served for several years as Hitler’s personal secretary in spite of having “no official rank in the Nazi Party”.

Hitler is known to have had seven “heterosexual” relationships. And though he had rejected the Catholic Church during WW1, he chose Catholic, convent-educated teenagers as his ideal [Aryan] woman. He also enjoyed the company of women, usually actresses, with sexual experience who were not afraid to indulge his darkest fantasies.
Five of the seven women Hitler had sexual contact with committed suicide and the other two attempted suicide but failed. Four of the women were aged 16 or 17 when he first made sexual advances toward them. (Henriette Hoffmann was aged only 13 when he molested her but they did not have a relationship

The book is 498 pages long and costs €5.25. Buy now on Amazon.

The Peculiar Sex Life of Adolf Hitler - IRISH EXAMINER review: April 2016 by Siobhan Pat Mulcahy

Julius Schreck, Hitler's Munich chauffeur, occasional bodyguard and doppelganger, fulfilled the German dictator's fantasy of the love between a powerful man and his obedient and loyal servant. They were lovers from 1931 until Schreck's death from meningitis in 1936.

ADOLF HITLER, the man responsible for the deaths of more than 70 million people continues to divide historians and researchers. What was the origin of his evil? How could such a thing have happened?
A few years ago, I wrote an article for called ‘The real Adolf Hitler’. The article received over 30,000 hits on the internet in the days following publication. It seems people continue to be fascinated by him. During my research, I discovered that the German dictator liked Catholic convent school girls and had many homosexual partners. My interest in his life increased. If a man’s sexuality cannot tell you who he really is or was, then nothing else will. VIEW BOOK SAMPLE
The Peculiar Sex Life of Adolf Hitler is the culmination of almost two years writing and research. It analyses all the phases of Hitler’s sexual experiences: His early mother fixation, his long-term homosexual phase, and his final years as a “reluctant heterosexual”.
You can buy The Peculiar Sex Life of Adolf Hitler on Amazon by clicking here.